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Time on Site
Time on Site
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What is Time On Page?

Time on Page is a funny metric. Who cares how long someone spends on your website, right? As long as the people find what they

Google Plus
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Google+ Is History

On April 2nd, Google+ will become a thing of the past. After months of speculation of the exact date, we now know when it will

improve my search rankings
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How to Dominate Search Engine Results

The internet has become a crowded, highly competitive marketplace. New technology, however, allows for more robust, direct marketing to your customers. The question then becomes,

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Can Online Reviews Help My Search Rankings?

Online Reviews and Search Rankings? This is one of the most popular questions we get when meeting with clients to discuss their online presence. In a

Advertising on the Web

Is Internet Explorer Dead?

  If you’ve read the news and seen the posts on Facebook, then you’re probably wondering what all the hub-bub is about Microsoft dumping Internet

Special Holiday Marketing Package

Do you have a seasonal business that needs concentrated marketing during the holidays? If you do, you realize the importance of an efficient online marketing

3 SEO Benefits of Business Blogging

The business blog has become practically a must-have for any business looking to expand their online presence. Beyond the fact that it’s a popular vehicle

CPM or CPC? Which one is right for me?

The definitions of CPM and CPC are simple. CPM is defined as cost-per-thousand impressions. So you could have your ad shown 1,000 times and have