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A domain name, like, is a lot like a street address for a house or business. 

When visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser, the browser request uses your domain name to find the domain name’s associated IP address and, therefore, the website. People use domain names instead of IP addresses because it is easier to remember a name rather than a series of numbers.

Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other laws. The registrar will make this information available to the public on a “Whois” site. It is, however, possible to register a domain in the name of a third party, as long as they agree to accept responsibility — ask your registrar for further details.
Registering a domain name does not automatically activate a website that displays when visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser. The domain name must have a hosted website that includes a numeric address, called an IP address, for visitors to access the website using your domain name.

Each registrar has the flexibility to offer initial and renewal registrations in one-year increments, provided that the maximum remaining unexpired term shall not exceed ten years. Baggies offers up to 10 years.

Of course! You can register multiple domains to be used with your hosting account. Examples include, add-on domains with a separate website; parked domains for future use; or forwarding domains to your main domain.