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Are New TLDs Bad for SEO?

We often get asked about URLs. It’s probably our most asked category of questions. Everything from “What should my URL be?” to “Should I have


What is Zero-Click?

A new phenomenon is taking a hold of the search engine results pages. It’s called zero-click searches and it’s forcing business owners and website developers

Time on Site
Advertising on the Web

What is Time On Page?

Time on Page is a funny metric. Who cares how long someone spends on your website, right? As long as the people find what they

Google Plus
Advertising on the Web

Google+ Is History

On April 2nd, Google+ will become a thing of the past. After months of speculation of the exact date, we now know when it will

Bounce Rate
Analytics Demystified

What is My Website’s Bounce Rate?

Of all the analytic metrics out there, one of the ones I get asked the most is “What is a bounce rate?”. This metric is

Mobile-first indexing

What is Mobile First Indexing?

A couple of weeks ago, I started receiving notifications from Google that: “Mobile-first indexing” was enabled for many of our websites. According to Google, the


5 Tips to Rank Better

We are asked all the time what are some things I can do to rank better with Google. While the answer is not as simple