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We can’t thank our clients enough for the kind words. 

The service at Baggies47 is amazing. My webmaster is personally attentive, professional, prompt and creative. I highly recommend them!
Lisa Aiylah Farrell-Ware Avatar
Lisa Aiylah Farrell-Ware
These guys are great. We were working with another SEO company and needed to switch due to some account management issues. I found Baggies and they have been great from day one. Dave and Elijah are very responsive to my requests, proactive with their campaigns, and they truly want my business to grow and succeed. I am glad to have them on my team!
Gentry AC Avatar
Gentry AC
Baggies Web Solutions handles the website for my job. We switched to them because we were having so many issues with our previous company. Baggies took over the website, revamped it and updated it, and even dealt with the issues with the company we were leaving. We are so much happier with our website and the customer service at Baggies.
Stephanie Shuster Avatar
Stephanie Shuster
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Thusang Mphomela Avatar
Thusang Mphomela
Baggies has been integral to my online presence, both in web design and in hosting. Any problems I've had have been dealt with quickly and professionally, and I recommend them unequivocally.
Dallas Hodge Avatar
Dallas Hodge
This team is one in a million! They are quick to respond and support my needs and they communicate steps that have been taken, ensuring that it aligns exactly to any request we have made. Thank you Baggies!
Karen Taylor Avatar
Karen Taylor
I've worked with Baggies Web Solutions for several years on various websites that I administer, and they have always been extremely knowledgeable and helpful with everything from design to optimization tips and are fast to resolve any issues as they arise. The staff are all very friendly and will go above and beyond to help you with any of your website needs.
Kay Huff Avatar
Kay Huff
The detail and personal attention I received during a recent meeting was amazing. Dave Watson took time to discuss every nuance of setup and covered almost every scenario I could think of at the time. Their response time was crazy good as I had just started a follow up email to him when I received a "Thank you" for our meeting. Customer service appears to really be a focus for this group! Looking forward to working with the team!
Beverly Gentry Avatar
Beverly Gentry
We use Baggies Web Solutions at my job. When we switched to Baggies, our previous company was difficult to work with when changing our site over and the great folks at Baggies handled everything professionally and smoothly. They have redesigned our site to make it much better and the customer service provided is spectacular. They are very responsive.
Stephanie Shuster Avatar
Stephanie Shuster
I am the marketing director for a Manufacturing facility that was in need of an overhaul of our various websites that we utilize to serve a number of difference industries. Baggies helped us upgrade and institute an extremely effective SEO campaign. They also helped us develop and launch our first e-commerce website. They also helped save us thousands of dollars in doing so. I would recommend Baggies to any company trying to upgrade its web presence.
Tre' Bischof Avatar
Tre' Bischof