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Google wants to deliver great websites in search rankings. We believe that content is the most important factor when determining ranking order.

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Great SEO Demands Great Content Writing

Your site’s success depends on great content. Users love informative, fresh, captivating content. When users find what they’re looking for, spend more time on your site, visit more pages, share your information, fill out forms and call you, that’s great for your business. For Google, these are signals of a great site that should rank highly for relevant searches.

Website Content Optimization

We focus on original, easy to understand content, while giving search engine the depth they crave.

Keyword focused Content

Focusing on popular keywords and expanding content based on these is a key factor in rankings.

local content

We only employ local content writers. We will not outsource this critical aspect of your website’s success.

Blog Writing

Have great content for your blogs. We employ relevant SEO to maximize the your blogs reach, while creating content users can count on.

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Website Copywriting

Your website needs content for blog posts, product pages, service pages, landing pages and, well — the whole site. Our content writers add engaging content that leads to conversions, shares and links.

Website Content Optimization

We use content optimization in our content writing process or for your existing content. We make sure your content is fast-loading, easy to read, and contains the proper keywords, headers, links, etc. Our goal with content optimization is to make your content rank better in Google and convert more visitors to customers.

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising copywriters write sales copy that helps people decide to take action. Ad copywriting is often overlooked, but great copy in ads makes a huge impact on clicks and conversions. For search ads, ad copy directly impacts your cost per click. Skilled advertising copywriters help make many of our digital marketing strategies successful.

Blog Writing Services

Blogging plays a role in creating relevant content for keywords. Quality blog writing services give your site content that ranks well in Google, supports other content with internal links, is shareable on social media, and can earn quality links back to your site. That’s why blogging is a part of our strategy for all of our search engine optimization clients.

Content Consulting

Since blogging is a part of all of our SEO campaigns, someone has to do it. If you have skilled writers on staff, we can provide content consulting. We’ll research topics that provide content missing from your site, answer common questions related to your services, provide super-valuable information, or just discuss something very interesting.

Content Promotion

When we distribute your content (blog posts, video, infographics, etc.) through paid advertising and social media, that’s content promotion. The more people who see your content, the more value you’ll get from it. We promote content through PPC and programmatic ads, influencer outreach, email marketing, social media and more.


Our content team writes content with the goal of earning links, but most of our content writing focuses on a keyword phrase. We have a 5-step process for writing keyword-focused content.

Perform Keyword Research

To find out what potential customers are searching for, we use several tools to perform keyword research. We generally start with a list of 100-200 keyword phrases. We also use google’s suggested results to find relevant keywords to the main phrase.

Decide Which Keyword to Target

Our content team makes a priority list based on more than just search volume. We look at the competition for each term, search trends, gaps in your site content, backlink potential, and social signals.

Identify User Intent

Your content must satisfy the user’s search intent! How do we know what users are looking for? We look at the search results to see whether service pages or blog posts are a better option.

Develop a Strategy

Before writing, we make a plan. We consider the length and type of content for your audience. Our concept needs to be something unique, so the team spends time on creative ideas. We also make a list of relevant terms to include in the page.

Create the Content

In the final phase of our process, we create a brief that outlines the content and maps out the page we’ll write. The website content writer then creates the content, finishes it with a great call to action, and adds graphics from our design team.

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FreQuently ASKED Questions

We have content writers in house. They’re knowledgeable about best SEO practices and also work with our Director of Search on content strategy. We use content to answer questions and fill gaps in site content where there is a high search volume. We also consult with our clients each month on content ideas.

Your content MUST be unique. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Copying content to other pages or from other sites can have a significant negative impact or even an penalty. It can also get you sued. So, don’t do it. Take the time to write good content!

We recommend that you post at least 2 times per month. Your blog needs to be updated regularly. If you can only write or afford one blog post per month, just make one post. On the other hand, don’t just post boring information that no one will want to read. Content that has a high bounce rate can actually hurt rankings.

Today, a full Microsoft Word-sized page (~500 words) is a minimum target for content. You can do this as part of a blog post or an FAQ answer. As part of our copywriting services, we look for long-tail keywords and questions in Google Suggest, Google Related Searches, several keyword research tools, your analytics and search queries, and various Q&A sites. This is what helps our SEO copywriters keep churning out great topics.
There’s no set answer to this question. Based on our experience and industry standards, we try to keep keyword density to below 2-3%, but if the content is conversational and sounds natural, you’re going to be fine. Write the content for humans and let us think about Google. If we’re writing your content, we’ll take care of all of this.