Increasing Brand Awareness via Linkedin

It’s super easy to get lost on Facebook. I can attest to that, in doing research for this article, I logged in and within 15 minutes, I had forgotten why I was there. It’s a common occurrence. But where do you turn when looking for business-related topics and keeping up with companies you follow and friends who work for those companies? Linkedin, that’s where. LinkedIn has just recently surpassed 200 million users and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Social media users are constantly looking for smaller niche networks to drill down their interests. Professional networks pique the interest of something most people care about, their jobs. For a small business, Linkedin can introduce you to the people who make the decisions regarding their business. A study done in January of 2012 noticed that 49% of Linkedin users household income is over $100K. That stat tells us that the people who are on it, are likely the decision-makers of the companies that employ them. If your business is a B2B company, you absolutely must stake your claim on Linkedin.

Once you stake your claim, how do you utilize it? That’s the real question, after all, the reason you are making an effort to promote your business is to develop a relationship with potential customers. Just like Facebook, every user has a news feed that keep you up-to-date with your professional relationships doings. If someone has a new job, is looking for someone to hire, or is touting the merits of their work, these will be put front and center. Use these status updates to showcase what your company can do, a blog post, or an announcement. This will be broadcast to all of your followers. Don’t over-do it, posting annoying sales pitches will definitely make sure your follower count goes down. You want to create a relationship and foster open discussion about your company. The people who are following your company are likely to never need your services, but the people they work with, their customers, even their close friends, will. Keeping your company front and center in their head-space is one of the keys to successful online marketing and brand awareness.

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Today Movers

Moving is the worst. I’ve read a few online polls asking for the most stressful events in one’s life and moving is at or near the top in every single one of them. There’s a reason for that, stuff gets broken, people (you) procrastinate, you have to ask your friends/family to help you, borrow or rent a truck, all things that generally give people the heebie-jeebies. There’s a reason I’ve lived in my 3rd story apartment for 4 years and have no intentions of leaving soon, I don’t want to move. Plain and simple. I know I will have to move eventually, that’s when I’ll hire movers. For me, it’s a no-brainer, I’ll pack my stuff up, and let someone else carry it down the stairs. Today Movers does just that, they take the physical work out of moving. Let their crew handle your boxes, mattresses, couches, televisions and anything else that needs to be moved. You can visit their website and get a free estimate by filling out a simple form with a few questions and quantity boxes of your belongings. There’s even a nice long list of moving tips to help make it easier on the guys who will be handling your move. Check out some of their testimonials and see what others had to say about their work! If you’re moving anytime soon, contact Today Movers and let them handle the muscle work.