How to Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook Notifications

Facebook Live has proven incredibly effective and popular marketing tool, since launching for iPhone users earlier this year.

The newest feature offered by Facebook allows users to share their video live. An instant video post that all of their subscribers can follow, allows for endless marketing possibilities.

Like any new feature, users are still experimenting with how best to use and interact with Facebook Live. There have been numerous complaints of people getting incredibly annoyed by the constant stream of Facebook Live notifications that are filling their inboxes.

We have created this quick tutorial that will show you how you can turn off Facebook Live notifications on both a case-by-case basis as well as all Facebook Live notifications.

Turn off a Single Facebook Live Notification

If there are certain people or Pages that are constantly bombarding  you with their Facebook Live videos, it is possible to turn off individual Facebook Live notifications.

When you receive a Facebook Live notification… click the upside-down arrow in the top right-hand corner… in the appearing menu select ‘turn off live video notifications’.

You are also able to turn off individual notifications by clicking the same Live Subscribe button that you clicked initially to sign up for the individual or Pages Live video streams.

What are good guidelines for your Business and Facebook Live?

First of all, Facebook Live is a new feature who’s purpose is still being hashed out by users and businesses on Facebook. It is an incredibly effective marketing tool when done correctly. Here are some guidelines for using Facebook Live that Baggies Web Solutions recommends.

  • Have a unique reason to use Facebook Live – Don’t just get on there to say the same thing you are already saying in your normal interactions.
  • Don’t “Wing It” – Have a plan and outline for your live stream.
  • Post during peak traffic times for your customers – If most of your cusomter base interacts with you during the evening hours, it does not make sense to us Facebook Live in the morning.
  • Don’t overuse – Nothing will turn your customers off more than constantly being notified you are going live. Using this service once and a while for one time offers, events, etc. is the best way to ensure your customers will watch and not tune you out.