Where should I spend my advertising dollars?

When a new business is considering how to get the word out to potential customers that they are ready to serve their customers, how advertising dollars are spent is an important consideration. You have to have a way for people to know about your business.

There are several ways people achieve this:

  • Phone book advertising
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Magazine advertising
  • Social Media advertising
  • Web site presence
  • SEO
  • Direct Mail
  • Door to door

Of course, all of these media could have a place in your overall advertising budget.  However, without a web site, you greatly diminish your ability to be found quickly by people who are on the go. You need to have a website so you can advertise your business in the other media by listing your web address.  Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, have revolutionized the way people get information about your business.  People are using the other media less and less and are more reliant than ever on the electronic exchange of information.

For a business to take advantage of the electronic age, you need to have a presence on the web.  Think about how you get information.  Usually, people will look you up on the search engines, and then go to your web site and check out your business.  When people come to your website, you want to make a good first impression. One thing that could happen is that you are not on the search engine, or worse, you don’t even have a website!  It is absolutely crucial that you have a presence on the web so you can be found!

In articles to follow, we will discuss how to choose a company that will assist you in getting on the web, and just as important, help you to be seen.