Top 3 Reasons Not To Stop SEO

Many people think that you can do SEO for a few months and then quit. Quite the opposite actually, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Here are top 3 reasons not to stop SEO for your website.

1. Algorithm Changes



Google and Bing are unquestionably the leaders in search and they conduct algorithm changes on a regular basis. Sometimes weekly, sometimes more often. These algorithm changes affect the way your website ranks for the keywords and phrases that you want to rank for. For instance, in April 2012, Google released the famed Penguin update. This particular update caused havoc in the SEO industry because they changed the way Google saw links and how they were factored into rankings. So if you spent many months cultivating links, you would have woken up one day and your traffic would have been cut in half or more.

Staying on top of trends and algorithm changes insures that your website can recover from any changes made to the search engines.

2. Competitive Advantage




Your competition is always changing, and that means that the keywords and phrases you are using today, may lose steam. Your rankings and your traffic will start to suffer as your competition moves in and they start to pilfer your much-coveted traffic. Stay on top of your keyword research and competitive analysis and don’t lose those rankings!

3. Fresh Content


An effective SEO strategy means your website is being updated with new content, and keywords. Fresh content is one of the many factors in your organic search engine rankings. By keeping up-to-date analytics, and ranking statistics, you can keep track of what keywords are working and what isn’t. If you stop your SEO campaigns, then you run the risk of losing valuable space on the search engine results page (SERPs) and revenue generating traffic.