Newest Additions: MasterPeace Solutions


MasterPeace Solutions

Let’s face it, we’re all a mess. We all do things, without thinking, that drive our significant others (or ourselves) crazy. I keep socks in more than one drawer, and my flatware all over the kitchen. I actually found a fork in my bathroom drawer the other day. How it got there? I have no idea. That’s where Ashley from MasterPeace Solutions comes in. She’ll organize your home or business so you can quit wasting time and be more efficient. After all, the more efficient we are, the less we have to work. Quit doing double work and call her today to see what she can do for you and your business. She can even come speak at your place of business to motivate your employees to be more organized. Take a look at her new website today and give her a call!

Newest Additions: Oak Cliff Office Supply

Oak Cliff Office Supply
Hunting for office supplies is a drag. No one likes going into Staples or Office Depot and wandering around looking for Post-Its. Why not just have them delivered to you? Oak Cliff Office Supply will bring your office’s supplies to you, so you can stay in and get your work done and go home early. They carry everything you could possibly need, office chairs, desks, copy paper, pens, and more. You can even design your own folders and stamps online, so you can quit using that stamp you’ve been using for the last 10 years that has the wrong address on it. Make sure you get the right ink & toner for your office copier and printer, with their online Ink and Toner matcher. Check out their new website and let us know what you think!

Newest Additions: Today Movers


Today Movers

Moving is the worst. I’ve read a few online polls asking for the most stressful events in one’s life and moving is at or near the top in every single one of them. There’s a reason for that, stuff gets broken, people (you) procrastinate, you have to ask your friends/family to help you, borrow or rent a truck, all things that generally give people the heebie-jeebies. There’s a reason I’ve lived in my 3rd story apartment for 4 years and have no intentions of leaving soon, I don’t want to move. Plain and simple. I know I will have to move eventually, that’s when I’ll hire movers. For me, it’s a no-brainer, I’ll pack my stuff up, and let someone else carry it down the stairs. Today Movers does just that, they take the physical work out of moving. Let their crew handle your boxes, mattresses, couches, televisions and anything else that needs to be moved. You can visit their website and get a free estimate by filling out a simple form with a few questions and quantity boxes of your belongings. There’s even a nice long list of moving tips to help make it easier on the guys who will be handling your move. Check out some of their testimonials and see what others had to say about their work! If you’re moving anytime soon, contact Today Movers and let them handle the muscle work.

Newest Additions: SOS Kidz

16.7 million children lived in food insecure households in 2011.* The extremely kind-hearted and forward-thinking company, Seeds Of Substance, is dedicated to doing their part in ending child hunger. They exist to give disadvantaged children in low-income communities a greater opportunity to realize their true potential by providing nutritional meals, educational services and extracurricular activities that exercise and enhance their mind, body and self-esteem. In communities across Texas, children are hungry, scared and discouraged because poverty has taken hold of their lives, hearts, and dreams. At SOS Kidz, they provide programs and meals to fill that nutritional gap and give the
youth back their dreams in an effort to make these young people well-rounded individuals. They are always looking for volunteers and new employees to join their crew. They will even come to your apartment community or recreation center and serve 2-3 meals per day at no cost to the residents! If that’s not doing their part to help end child hunger, then I don’t know what is! Visit SOS Kidz today and see what you can do to help.

*Coleman-Jensen, A., Nord, M., Andrews, M., & Carlson, S. (2012). Household Food Security in the United States in 2011.USDA ERS.

Newest Additions: AGC Custom Homes

Baggies 47 is proud to introduce the newly launched website of one of the most elegant custom home-builders in all of the Dallas area, AGC Custom Homes. Choosing a home-builder is almost as important as choosing a spouse. A house is a years-long commitment and requires plenty of work to be done to maintain its usefulness. But the foundations and the workmanship of the house will affect the conditions of the house for many years to come. AGC has been building homes for over 14 years and has proven to be one of the most dependable and thorough home-builders in the DFW area. Angel Gonzalez, the owner of AGC, started his journey to home construction through humble beginnings pouring concrete foundations, driveways and slabs. Once he garnered enough information and knowledge of the home-building business, he started AGC. Take a tour through their photo gallery and admire the workmanship of each room that you see. You can also take note of the addresses of current homes for sale and drive by to inspect them in person. You can even have AGC build a custom home to fit your needs on your own lot!

Contact AGC Custom Homes today!

Newest Additions: Glenn’s Warehouse Carpets


Allergies are no fun. Anyone who suffers from allergies, knows that carpet is a big contributor to their sniffles and sneezes. Lucky for you, there’s help. Glenn’s Warehouse Carpets can take your old allergen-infested carpet and put in new hardwood floors. Of course, they also sell and install carpet (for those of us who are immune to allergies), vinyl floor coverings, ceramic tile and more! Not only do they sell Armstrong flooring, they are certified by Armstrong to install their Wood, Laminate, Vinyl Plank, and Sheet Flooring. Take a look at their client portfolio and see what they can do to your home or office. The best thing about Glenn’s is that they won’t charge you any hidden fees like some of the bigger name stores. Take a look today and give them a call!