Building Trust Through Social Media

There is plenty of information on the web these days pertaining to the importance of social media in business and we do not have to look far to see the benefits of a successful social media campaign. Social Media integrated into your brand marketing is essential.  With over 80% of the world’s business population now proactively using online social media channels it makes sense to be exactly where your audience is and capture their attention with your brand’s personalized approach.

Regardless if you are an online marketer, or a brick and mortar establishment, you aren’t going to sell anything if you haven’t gained the trust of your potential customers. Trust that they are getting the best product, the most choices and an uncompromising level of customer service after the sale. If you are using social media marketing correctly, you will be able to instill a level of trust in your customers faster than when compared to traditional forms of advertising.

This is where social media marketing takes up where traditional advertising simply cannot go. When your business joins in on the conversation, IE. having and effectively using a social media platform to build relationships as opposed to retailing, you are going to build trust. It really is that simple. Not only do consumers now have a tool to rate you on your performance and value, you also have the same tool to interact and prove your worth.

Small- to medium-sized business who do not use social media have an uphill climb competing with the companies that have millions of advertising dollars. Social media provides potential customers with direct access to your business. In fact, all the information they will ever need about your business entity can be found online. How are you maintaining your online reputation if you aren’t “in the conversation”? How do you solve problems and discuss issues with your brand if you don’t know, or care that problems and issues even exist? How are you going to retain your client base, that you’ve worked so hard to obtain, if they don’t feel they can trust your business, or products? The simple answer is that, “You can’t”.

To acquire TRUST, join the conversation. If you don’t, you could stand to be knocked off of that pedestal that you’ve been comfortably sitting on by a competitor you previously thought posed no threat. Let us help piece together your social media strategy.

If you want to know more about building relationships with your customers the easy way, contact Baggies47, we can help.