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If your current domain provider isn’t giving you the pricing, support and service you need, you want to consolidate your properties or it’s just time for a change — we can help. Our goal is to make the transfer process as simple as possible so that you can get on with more important things in your life.

Automatic. No tech skills required.

Our transfer process is automated, fast and risk-free, so you can be up and running quickly. Moving your domain happens mostly in the background, leaving you with more time.

Centralize multiple domains.

If you manage multiple domains, having them centralized with one provider can simplify life. We make the process simple and stress-free.

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made easy.

Subdomains? Forwarding? We do all that and more. Plus, our domain management tools are straightforward — everyone can use them. 


You’re not limited to .com. Choose from a wide variety of domain names in multiple languages and extensions, as well as helpful local, human support.

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Your one-stop web shop.

Forget about jumping around the internet to get all the tools you need to succeed online. Find everything for your online presence in one place.

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The technology you need.

We offer tools for nearly any online project, from websites to online marketing. Best of all, our technology is easy to use ⁠— and afford.

Helpful Local Support

Our dedicated staff is here for you night and day. With a locally staffed Helpdesk, we can provide superior customer service. You know the people you are speaking with can get the job done.

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Transferring a domain to Baggies Webs Solutions is simple.

Step 1

Unlock the domain you want to transfer at your current registrar.

Step 2

Search for your domain using the our transfer tool.

Step 3

Enter your authorization code to confirm the transfer.

Step 4

Most domain transfers complete in 5-7 days.


Have a .net or .org domain? You can transfer 1000s of domain attentions to us.
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Your Questions? We got answers!

Domain transfers are charged per name at a flat fee, so you’ll pay nothing beyond this initial cost and ICANN registration, where appropriate. We also let you keep any time left on your current registrations — and throw in a free year of registration for each transfer*. Depending on how many domains you’re moving, this could add up to significant savings.

Transferring domains to us is simple.

      1. Unlock the domain name you’d like to transfer with your current registrar.
      2. Get an authorization (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar. This isn’t necessary in all cases, such as when transferring country-code domain (ccTLDs). If the authorization code isn’t shown in your account manager, ask your current registrar to email them to you.
      3. Verify contact information on your domain name. The administrator’s contact information may be used by your current registrar during the transfer process.

Domains can be transferred almost any time. However, ICANN prohibits domain transfers within 60 days of registration or prior transfer (.au excepted). ICANN policy

Absolutely. Track the progress of your transfers by following these steps:

      1. Log in to your Baggies Web Solutions portal.
      2. Select Transfer A Domain To Us if the domain is moving to your account. Or, select My Domains if the domain is moving from your account.
      3. Select the different tabs to review the details for domains in a particular status. Or, search for your domain in the search bar.
      4. Some statuses require you to take action, and that’ll show next to the domain. You can open a support ticket or call our Helpdesk to help you move forward with your transfer.

You’ll see confirmation that your changes have been accepted. Domain transfers usually take 5 to 7 days to complete.

Upon the expiration of your domain, you will be charged annually to maintain the domain. The price is the then-current annual retail price applicable to the domain.