Newest Additions: AGC Custom Homes

Baggies 47 is proud to introduce the newly launched website of one of the most elegant custom home-builders in all of the Dallas area, AGC Custom Homes. Choosing a home-builder is almost as important as choosing a spouse. A house is a years-long commitment and requires plenty of work to be done to maintain its usefulness. But the foundations and the workmanship of the house will affect the conditions of the house for many years to come. AGC has been building homes for over 14 years and has proven to be one of the most dependable and thorough home-builders in the DFW area. Angel Gonzalez, the owner of AGC, started his journey to home construction through humble beginnings pouring concrete foundations, driveways and slabs. Once he garnered enough information and knowledge of the home-building business, he started AGC. Take a tour through their photo gallery and admire the workmanship of each room that you see. You can also take note of the addresses of current homes for sale and drive by to inspect them in person. You can even have AGC build a custom home to fit your needs on your own lot!

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