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For more than 12 years, companies in Plano and across Dallas/Ft. Worth have entrusted search engine optimization (SEO) to Baggies Web Solutions. Through constant research, trial and error, and training, we’ve perfected a strategy that delivers results. That’s why we have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.

We understand that modern SEO isn’t about the number of keywords on your site or having the most backlinks or being ranked #1 for a single phrase. Search engine optimization is about great websites that people love, with content that Google values and that entices visitors to read and to take action.

Our Plano SEO company helps drive traffic to your website by optimizing its ability to rank high in major search engines using in-depth keyword research and cutting-edge “white hat” seo implementation.

It’s important to make sure your website has information and relevant articles that reinforce the desirability of your service or product but also will keep your visitors enlightened and engaged.

Your website will need to be optimized for the Google and other search engines behind the scenes, as well. You need proper coding and structure, eliminating any potential red flags so your website will continue to be seen as superior to all of the others.

The path to improving the search engine ranking for your website is a formula we’ve successfully developed and used repeatedly. We are always researching and testing the newest strategies with the brightest minds in the industry in order to stay on the leading edge of SEO in Plano.

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Plano, TX now is home to 206,700 residents. That’s a lot of potential customers, but also a lot of competition! To help clients quickly, we use our proven SEO strategies to first get the most local… then we use time-intensive techniques proven to deliver increasing ROI long-term beyond your immediate area.

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FreQuently ASKED Questions

Google’s local 3-packs appear at the top of search results for many search terms and are valuable sources of clicks for local businesses. The algorithm for these map packs is a bit different from local organic results. Your Google My Business page, reviews and citations play a larger role here.
If anyone guarantees “#1 rankings”, you should quickly run in the other direction. Google itself cautions against dishonest guarantees, which are usually backed by some confusing or ambiguous language that allows paid ads, branded terms or terms with little traffic to satisfy the guarantee. Google’s algorithm constantly changes, your competition changes, and clients themselves may take actions that affect their own rankings. Don’t be fooled — no one can guarantee #1 results for competitive terms.
Your results depend on a tremendous number of factors, including competition, where you rank before you start with us, domain authority, optimization done so far, and much more. While we can typically show traffic improvement within 60-90 days, SEO is a long-term investment and clients must be patient during the process. We can deliver immediate results with PPC advertising.

In most cases, we won’t require you to rebuild your site. Many clients come to us with poorly designed or outdated sites that are seriously hampering SEO efforts or conversions. In some cases, it makes very little sense to make a financial commitment to increase traffic if the site is fighting you every step of the way. We’ll recommend a new site if we think you need one, but that’s your option, of course. If you want us to build or rebuild a site, we do have a full-scale design and development team in house and we have a beautiful portfolio.

All of our SEO staff is in-house. Language is critical for SEO, and should never be performed by overseas contractors. Many companies without an in-house SEO staff outsource to contractors in India, China and the Philippines — these sources are notorious for spelling and word choice errors, outdated strategies and short-sighted goals. We will never risk damaging client websites and rankings by resorting to this practice.