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Mita's Coffee Lab

At Mita’s we are passionate about what we do. We love coffee. We love coffee talk. We love the experience that comes with coffee. Our focus is on high-quality, sustainable coffee from around the world. We want you to savor the uniqueness and innate qualities of each bean. Coffee is part art and part science… our goal is to blend this mystery and bring that experience to life for you.

Along with coffee we offer a variety of teas, pastries and light bites. Our teas are all loose leaf teas steeped at the exact temperature for just the right amount of time. Pastries are one of our long lived visions of creativity. Each item is made in-house and is a revolving door of flavors; expect the unexpected! We aim to educate and create. A hand crafted beverage, delectable pastry and an environment you will savor every single time is what we hope you find at Mita’s.

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