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Website Analytics Reports
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Find out the crucial stats of your website.

What are Website Analytics Reports? It's important stats about your website traffic!

Comprehensive Traffic Statistics

Now that you’ve got your website in order and you’ve started promoting your website on business cards, flyers, and pay-per-click ads, it’s time to see where exactly the traffic to your website is coming from and how they are interacting with its content.

Our website analytics reports will provide you with important information that help you make educated decisions about your advertising methods and your content.

Are you ready to see what’s working and what’s not?

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

What's Working & What's Not

Our Website Analytics Reports give you all of the information you could ever want regarding the visitors to your website. The pages that are the most popular, the number of visitors, cities, states and countries of visits. They even get down into the nitty-gritty and tell you your bounce rate (percentage of visits who view only 1 page) and average time on site. These metrics are proven to be useful when deciding what type of content to put on your website to affect how users interact with it.

Make informed decisions.

Our Website Analytics Reports can be scheduled to send monthly, weekly, or even daily! We can also create custom reports where we can define the timeframe (eg. Quarterly) as well as a comparative report (February 2017 vs February 2016). But you aren’t just getting a report! You’re getting a team of knowledgeable people who understand website analytics at your disposal. You can call or email us and we will answer any questions you may have regarding the reports.

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FAQ - Questions? Answers!

What is Bounce Rate?

A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of visits that only resulted in 1 page viewed. For instance, if you are promoting a blog post on Facebook and they are clicking to read the post, then navigating away from the website, that will increase your bounce rate.

How often can I get reports?

We can schedule your reports to be emailed to you monthly, weekly, and even daily, if needed. We can also provide custom timeframe and comparative reports that show year-over information.

What information can you give me about visitors?

We are limited in the amount of personal information that can be collected from your website traffic. We can provide geolocation stats that drill down by country, state and city, as well as information on how they got to your website (eg. Facebook, Yelp, Online Advertising, etc.)

What are bots?

Bots are automatic processes that scan your website for information. While that may not sound bad, it can skew your Analytics numbers, because it will register these processes as visits. We will do everything in our power to reduce the number of bots that will clutter up your reports and show the closest number of actual eyes on the page as possible.

Can you break it down by device (mobile, desktop, tablet)?

Yes! We can tailor these reports to focus on any specific metric you would like. Mobile traffic is a popular request as people are doing more searching on their phones and tablets.

What are referrals?

Referrals are defined as traffic that came from someone clicking on your link from another website (not including social media networks or online ads). For instance, if you have a listing on the BBB’s website and someone clicks to go to your website, then it will register as a referral. Referral traffic is a great way to see what partnerships are working and which ones need to be re-evaluated.

Can you help me understand what I’m looking at?

Absolutely! We are those weird people who actually enjoy talking about numbers and statistics! We will be here to answer any questions you may have about your analytics reports and what they may infer.