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Facebook Likes Being Deleted for Businesses

You all have probably seen something similar to the picture below. I bet you even liked or shared that businesses status if you like getting posts from their page. The truth is you did not have to do it to continue to get content from that business. As you may recall their have been similar Facebook […]

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The Advantages of Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook ads have gotten a bad rap. I hear of people complaining of low click-through rates, wasted money and no conversions from their ads. GM even pulled their ads from the social media giant completely, only to announce that they were returning after an 11 month absence. One of the keys to running a successful […]

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Social Media Marketing for Bars and Restaurants

Going out for dinner and having a few drinks with friends is social in nature. When one of your friends recommends an eatery or a dive bar, you listen more attentively than if someone you’ve never met does the same. Using popular social media channels to promote your bar or restaurant gives every person who […]

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