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Social Media Marketing for Bars and Restaurants

Going out for dinner and having a few drinks with friends is social in nature. When one of your friends recommends an eatery or a dive bar, you listen more attentively than if someone you’ve never met does the same. Using popular social media channels to promote your bar or restaurant gives every person who enters your doors the ability to increase your exposure via the all important word-of-mouth avenue. Utilizing Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare (among others) is a huge step in the right direction of creating a word-of-mouth savvy business.

Catching the Locals

New customer acquisition and returning customer retention is at the heart of why Foursquare was created. You can create discounts and free offers for all customers who check in at your location. To entice new customers, you can always offer a free introductory item to welcome them. You can also create special offers that don’t show up until after someone has checked-in a certain number of time, such as, offering a free dessert for the 5th check-in. Just imagine if you owned a restaurant near a movie theater, you could reach movie goers with a special offer as they come out of the theater, if managed correctly that’s exactly what Foursquare campaigns can do. Or, if you have a slow night you can offer a killer check-in special that generates a buzz that drives customers into your business.


With the exponential growth and popularity of Facebook, it is mandatory for success in any social media marketing campaign. Updates about special offers, new menu items and events will help to get the word out.  Also, by reaching customers on Facebook you let the customer control the relationship which can build trust and loyalty over time, increasing the likelihood that they will return again and again.

A Facebook page allows new customers to easily find you and existing customers to share your page with their friends. Keeping your page up to date and fresh with new content like specials and in season offerings will make it more attractive and interesting for browsers.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a very powerful way to generate relevant traffic to your business’ page. You have the ability to focus on location and age demographics, and even on special interests of the people you are targeting. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-run Facebook Ads campaign along with your Social Media Marketing campaign to drive people to your business.


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