Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How does your business get found?
In today’s online world, we increasingly rely on search engines to help us quickly find the information we need. If your website isn’t search engine optimized or compliant, then you’re not only losing out on traffic to your website but the revenue it can generate. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing your websites visibility to all the major search engines.

SEO Services

When you are ready to start seeing more traffic from potential clients, then we’re ready to help. Our search engine optimization experts will increase your visibility by using “white-hat” SEO practices that are recommended by Google and Bing. We do not take search engine penalized shortcuts (link buying, negative SEO, etc.) like some other companies, we insure that your website will be ranked higher, longer by using industry-standard best practices. Don’t fall for SEO agencies who promise you #1 rankings!

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SEO Results

Your business’ website depends on traffic to get your name out to the masses. What good is a fancy new website if no one can find it? While we never profess that we can guarantee #1 rankings, you will notice more traffic from search engines. More traffic mean more potential clients, and more potential clients means more potential revenue.

SEO is a must for any business that depends on web traffic. Your online marketing strategy could make or break your business. Being able to be found when potential clients are searching for your product or service is paramount to exposing your brand and your business. SEO services from Baggies Web Solutions will help you achieve your goals of getting more traffic and more leads from qualified traffic.

Our SEO Philosophy

At Baggies Web Solutions, we believe that the numbers don’t lie. When your website is generating traffic and you’re getting more phone calls or sales leads off of your website, then SEO is doing its job. While that may not mean you’re ranked #1 on any particular keyword, the fact that more people are finding your business and increasing your revenue, is telling in itself.

Increasing your organic rankings is multi-faceted project. Your website must conform to the standards put forth by Google and Bing, to maximize its searchability and eliminate problems that stop your website from being indexed. Plus, your website must contain scores of original content. No copying of another website’s content!

Our SEO Process

We value knowledge as a cornerstone of success. With any SEO program, tracking results and using real numbers will provide knowledge to make informed decisions about your website. The primary focus of our SEO process is cultivating results from the use of industry-standard practices and analyzing the results to give us a clearer picture of your website’s SEO effectiveness.

Through effective keyword research, competitor analysis, and analytic reporting, your website will become a tool that provides your business with quality leads and potential customers. Most businesses on the web do not track their numbers. When you let Baggies Web Solutions take care of your SEO strategy, you’ll be getting a leg up on the competition.