MasterPeace Solutions

Our mission is to bring peace back to our clients’ lives through the process of organizing. At MasterPeace, not only do we help you organize your home or office, we help you organize your life!!

Getting organized is a process that yields greater results when you don’t go it alone. Not all organizing methods and products work for all people. We ensure that the systems and procedures set in place for your home or office are personalized for your needs!!

masterpeace solutions
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North Texas Softball

The Source for North Texas Softball News!!

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Hampton House Jewelry & Rock Shop

Hampton House Jewelry is here to serve our clients with integrity, honor, and trust. We value and treat our clients treasures as if they were our very own. Whether we are repairing, restoring or creating a custom piece we promise to do our work with excellence.


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H20 Steel

H2O Steel Contractors, LLC has been in business since March 2003 and is a WBE and HUB certified company. H2O is experienced in the rehabilitation of elevated and ground water storage tanks. We also have experience in structural steel erection and fabrication. Our 22,500 square foot fabrication shop located 30 minutes south of Dallas, houses a 20ft Koike Plasma table, a 12ft Shear, a Durma Press Break, and a roll; therefore, we are able to provide a variety of services to our customers.

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H2Oceansports is the state of Texas Exclusive Jetovator Distributor. The Jetovator is a water sports accessory that extends the ability of an existing Personal Water Craft (PWC). Coupled with a high output PWC ,the Jetovator redirects the thrust from the jet unit of the PWC along a 40 Foot hose to the Jetovator body. This water thrust is then used to propel and elevate the Jetovator into the air and the pilot can also redirect the water thrust of the two front nozzles in order to maneuver the Jetovator in all directions.

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Timco Logistics

Timco is based in Waxahachie, Texas, a quickly growing city just South of Dallas. Timco has assembled an awesome team of drivers and a very dedicated and supportive staff. Timco is a family oriented, customer and employee focused company. We are driven to maintain exceptional leadership and values which enable us to offer reliable service while keeping our commitment to our customers, staff, public safety, social responsibility and our financial stability. Timco is “A Partner You Can Count On”, and the quality of people we have working here will keep you confident that you will receive a very high level service and commitment to excellence where honesty and integrity begin everything we do!

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Essential Services

Essential Services is a heating & air conditioning provider based in Waxahachie, Texas, servicing the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

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Ellis County Insurance Agency

Ellis County Insurance Agency is your full service Independent Insurance Agency. We work with dozens of companies to get you the best insurance rates possible for all of your insurance needs. Our motto is “Let us do the insurance shopping for you!” and we mean it. Insurance shopping is no fun so let us do the hard part. Our experienced staff will take your information one time and get insurance quotes from all of our companies. ECIA will compare your insurance quotes to make sure you are getting the best coverage for the best rates.

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CT Renovations

We are contractor with affordable prices who genuinely cares about your painting and remodeling needs. We are based in Keller, Texas, and provide professional painting, home repair, and general construction, of the highest quality at truly competitive prices in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

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Connecting Head 2 Heart

Are you a science-minded skeptic yearning for spiritual connection and purpose?  This coaching program uses an evidence-based pathway to connect you to your spirit and heart’s wisdom and helps you to create the life you really want.

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