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Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Right for My Business?

Pay-Per-Click advertising

Pay-Per-Click ads are not for the faint of heart. It’s tough to bid on a click to your website for $10-$15 dollars and know that that money is not guaranteeing a phone call or email from a potential customer. PPC ads can be the easiest way to lose $1000+ dollars in a few days or they can be a very valuable tool used to generate qualified traffic to your website. What is qualified traffic, you ask? Qualified traffic is the term used to define someone who is actively seeking your product or service. If you are an air conditioner repairman and someone types “air conditioner unit repair” into a search engine, the chances of that person needing your service is very high. Those are the types of customers you want. Pay-Per-Click ads insure that your website is listed prominently on the search engine results pages. The best thing about PPC is that you don’t pay for your ad being shown, you only pay for actual clicks to your website. Just imagine the laughs you would get if you demanded to only pay for your 1/2 page ad in the phone book every time you received a phone call from it. They would hang up on you faster than you could finish your sentence. A properly managed PPC campaign is a great way to drive traffic your your website. A campaign that is only looked at once a week or less is guaranteeing an expensive financial disaster. PPC advertising allows you to define when and where your ads are shown. If you are a business that only operates within a 25 mile radius, then you can specify that your ad not be shown to people outside of that radius. You can also specify that your ads only be shown from 8am – 5pm (or whatever your operating hours are). This eliminates the possibility that someone will call your business and not get an answer, therefore wasting the money you spent to get that person to click on your ad. If you’re ready to try alternative methods of advertising for your business, contact us and let us answer any questions you may have regarding our agency or the process of pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

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